Welcome to Emanant 

Emanant Consulting provides Leadership and Life Coaching to Individuals. Coaching is a strategic partnership aimed at identifying and accessing an individual's emanant wisdom and supporting you to tap into those resources to achieve your goals.

Every coaching intervention is based on a classic set of principles, grounded in Behavioral Modeling and Neuroscience, but it is tailored to your unique situation with the aim of achieving your desired goals. Together we seek to frame clear objectives and implement measurable outcomes that support you to achieve the best results possible.  You have the option of working with me in person (if you are based in the Netherlands) or over Skype.

As a Coach, I serve as a partner on your journey to discover solutions - solutions which will ultimately emanate from within yourself. You will be supported to:

  1. Articulate what you REALLY want
  2. Identify blocks, internal and external, that stand in your way
  3. Address the blocks and move forward by aligning the natural intelligence of your Head, Heart, and Gut wisdom
  4. Identify a pathway to continue the forward momentum after coaching

As a Certified mBit Master Coach & Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner, and Wellness Kinesiologist, I commit to full confidentiality and to uphold the Standards of Ethical Conduct of the International Coaches’ Federation (ICF).

 Rebecca Winter, Owner | info@emanant.eu | +31615197274