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Welcome to Emanant

Everything from Ancient Wisdom Traditions to Neuroscience has demonstrated that each individual has multiple sources of intelligence informing their understanding of themselves and the world - not just the brain. In fact, the various energy centers and neural networks in our body function, if you will, like a multi-mind impacting thoughts, feelings, and ultimately behavior. All of this is underpinned by the powerful directionalizing influence of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) - a key doorway that offers up the truth of our inner experience and deep insight into our unconscious mind(s).

My basic mission is to partner with every individual or team to access their own, innate wisdom - that which emanates from within - to seek solutions to their challenges and to take more responsibility for their lives and/or organizations.  We form a partnership that will allow all of the emanant wisdom to move a person or group toward alignment, resonance, and ultimately to achieve their goals.

An autonomic coaching practice draws on a wide variety of techniques that seek to embrace the relationship between your head, heart, and gut - to utilize all of the body's wisdom in pursuit of one's purpose. We do this with a range of Coaching techniques as well as the use of Kinesiology to tap more deeply into the unconscious, should the client desire.  Thus, we co-create each session together. Every client can choose for a 'pure' Coaching session, a 'pure Kinesiology session, or a true combination of both based on the presenting challenges.



Rebecca Winter, Owner | rebecca@emanant.eu | +31615197274


Qualifications: ICF Certified Coach | mBIT Master Coach and Trainer | NLP Master Practitioner | Kinesiologist (Systematic Kinesiology - Touch for Health - Wellness Kinesiology) | Organizational Development & Change Management Expert | Business and HR Leader